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Purposeful Gift-Giving | 45 Christian School Educator Inspired Gift Ideas For Your Child

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Child

In keeping with our school mission, OVCA faculty and staff came up with a list of Christmas gift ideas that would aid your child's development spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. Most of the suggestions are inexpensive, and some might remind you of gifts you received as a child. You never know-- one of these could end up steering your child toward a new passion or talent you didn't realize was there. We have also included links for convenience and easy ordering. Plus, if you order from Amazon using these links, a portion of the total is returned to OVCA! It's a win-win! Happy shopping!



Bible with name imprinted

Children's Illustrated Bible

Advent and/or Year-Round family devotional book and activities:

Devotional Book for Boys or Girls

Outing with the Family to Serve Others



Board Games- Monopoly (Math/Arithmetic, Counting, Reading) Scrabble (Spelling, Vocabulary, Logic) Candyland (Colors, Counting), Memory (Details, Concentration), Sorry (Counting)

Maestro Classics Stories in Music (Be sure to check out all of the various stories available in this series)

Journal/Diary (Girls, Boys, Older Kids)

Tickets to Concert, Musical, or Play

Mini Chalkboard or Marker Board



Advent Calendar or Envelopes to Open with Family Activities Each Day (play in snow, decorate tree, read Christmas story, make cookies, etc.)

Five-Second Rule (Board Game)

Wits and Wagers (Board Game)

Storage Bench or Decorative Box with Family Items (recipes, photo album, heirlooms, quilt, etc.)

Family Outing with Local Groupon Discount



Athletic Equipment

Certificate to spend an afternoon at a (free) local park of the child's choice (stocking stuffer)

Certificate for a family bike ride over Christmas break (stocking stuffer)

Lessons: Swimming, Gymnastics, Dance, etc.


We hope these ideas help you to create a wonderful Christmas full of meaningful gifts that last.

We would love to hear what gift ideas you have. Please comment below to add your suggestion to our list.

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