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What do OVCA and Kylo Ren have in common?

Kylo Ren Adam Driver Ocean View Christian Academy

You may be thinking, "What in the world can these two have in common?"


Well, the answer may surprise you. Kylo Ren is perhaps the most anticipated antagonist in film history, and one of the most recognizable characters from the new Star Wars series. This character has become an icon of the film in record time.

The link between OVCA and Kylo Ren is actually between OVCA and the actor who plays Kylo Ren, Adam Driver. Adam's parents were members of then Midway Baptist Church (now Ocean View Church), and they sent their daughter and son (Adam) to Midway Baptist School (now Ocean View Christian Academy) until the family moved away. Adam attended kindergarten, first, and second grade right here at OVCA. To give you an idea of what Kylo Ren looked like back then, here are his yearbook pictures (kindergarten on the left, first grade in the middle, second grade on the right/Below: Adam Driver today):



So, now you know: OVCA, home of Kylo Ren.

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